About Us

Residents up in fun surrounding a van

Rolette Community Care Center is a skilled nursing facility located in the community of Rolette, North Dakota. We offer small-town friendliness and charm to our residents and guests. Rolette Community Care Center is locally owned and has been serving the community since 1988. We specialize in providing restorative care services onsite to help our residents maintain and/or regain their independence.

Often the transition to a skilled nursing facility is challenging. At Rolette Community Care Center, we strive to ease the process by providing an environment where residents and guests feel informed and comfortable.

At Rolette Community Care Center, it is our staff that makes the difference. We employ a group of excellent, qualified, and resident-focused people that care about their work and the services they provide. Nurses and staff are always available to answer questions and lend a hand to help ease the transition into residence in their new home and provide familiar smiling faces.

At Rolette Community Care Center, caring is our main concern. Our organization is built on the premise that the most effective way to provide compassionate care is to:

  • To provide quality care to our residents
  • Foster team spirit among staff
  • Create friendly surroundings for our residents and their visitors

*Visitors are welcome every day of the week. Please contact us to learn more about the unique, sophisticated healthcare environment at Rolette Community Care Center. **COVID RESTRICTIONS CURRENTLY IN PLACE. CONTACT THE FACILITY FOR MORE INFORMATION OR IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.**

Quick Facts

  • 42-skilled beds
  • WiFi Internet available for residents and their guests
  • We provide PT weekly and Restorative Therapy Daily.  OT available as necessary.
  • Admissions can be processed 24/7.
  • RN’s are on duty daily.